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Gerald Joshua, founder of Pathfinders Ministries, surrounded by outpostledaers awwarding diplomas

What is SkolbarnAfrika?

SkolbarnAfrika is a non-profit Swedish organization founded in 2011. SkolbarnAfrika´s goal is to support children and young adults in Southern Africa living in difficult social conditions and great poverty.

SkolbarnAfrika conducts its work in the townships around Cape Town through social efforts, education, practical training and learning social responsibility. SkolbarnAfrika does this by proving financial support to individuals and to scouting and social activities. The work is based on Christian values.

SkolbarnAfrika in unique as a charity organization in the sense that every cent goes to the work in Cape Town without any reduction.


SkolbarnAfrika supports scouting and social activities

SkolbarnAfrika supports among others a scout organization in Cape Town. A lot av children, young people and leaders are involved. The program includes outdoor adventures through camping, mountain climbing, as well as other challenging outdoor activities. Through the program the scouts learn basic values like being alert, clean, honest, courageous, loyal, courteous, obedient and spiritual.

Many children never leave “their” street in the township. Therefore, the leaders try to expand the children´s world by taking them to other places for new experiences. They do hiking in the beautiful countryside or walk along the beaches. They also have camps and the scouts love these camps. These experiences are for many the gateway to a good life beyond crime and poverty.


SkolbarnAfrika supports individuals

SkolbarnAfrika helps individuals to gain access to good education. We support children during the whole schooling program up to grade 12 (matric) and even further in colleges and universities. In South Africa all education is expensive. You must pay high tuition fees and course fees. The money transferred from SkolbarnAfrika to individuals cover not only fees but also transportation, stationaries, food and other extra living costs.


Current projects

Funds raised by SkolbarnAfrika are used not only for scouting, individual support and social activities but also for special projects.

The food project. The situation in South Africa with the spread of covid-19 basically closed down the country. This led to lack of food for many families. SkolbarnAfrika therefore decided in 2020 to initiate a temporary aid project called MAT (=food). Through Pathfinder´s care SkolbarnAfrika has distributed food packages to the needy several times since the pandemic started in 2020.

Project Thandi. An important individual project is a young woman, called Thandi. Through SkolbarnAfrika's care, she has been given an opportunity to study to become a medical doctor. She studies at the University of Free State in Bloemfontein, 1000 km from Cape Town where her family lives. She will be graduated in 2025 and today she needs help with transports and double residence. She is an A-student who so far passed all her courses gallantly.

Project Thabo. In some dry sand dunes near the sea lies a township with the strange name of “Seven de Laan”. There are about 60 extremely poor families living in shacks. Almost everyone in unemployed and struggling with brokenness, trauma or abuse that has led many to be caught in drug and alcohol addiction. Thabo and Diana Sebalabala have as a couple worked at that place. They have a passion to help these children as well as their families. Unfortunately, Thabo has recently contracted a kidney disease and is now awaiting for a transplant. Through SkolbarnAfrika there is an opportunity to financially support Thabo and Diana in their voluntary and unpaid work.

Some social project. SkolbarnAfika also has a number of social projects that we support through the Jubilee Charitable Trust in Cape Town. Among the most urgent projects are the following:

Youth Solutions Africa which i.a. distributes several meals every day at a soup kitchen in Salt River.

Beth Uriel home for young men, which is a reconciliation home for boys/men between the ages of 16 and 26, where you get help with education and work.

Ikhaya Labantu care center in Langa township which is a place for the homeless and disabled and also a place for food distribution.

Beuaty for Ashes prisoner rehabilitation for women, which helps women reintegrate into society after being in prison.

How can I support SkolbarnAfrika?

  1. You can become a member of our organization. Membership costs 350 SEK per year. As a member you will regularly receive information about our activities.
  2. You can become a donor. As a monthly donor you pay 200 SEK or more per month. You can decide how long time you want to contribute and what project you want to support.
  3. You can help by giving a one-time gift. You are always welcome to donate a gift to our work. No contribution is too small.
  4. You can support through your business. As a business owner, you can show your social commitment and ethical profile by supporting our work. It gives you and your business good will from employees, customers, business contacts and among the citizens of the community.

How do I pay to SkolbarnAfrika?

If you want to support our work you can do it by submitting a contribution to our bank accounts in Sweden.

If you pay in Sweden, please use bankgiro 255-6033 or plusgiro 592345-3.

If you pay to us from outside Sweden, please use our IBAN-number and our BIC-code as follows:

IBAN: SE 3095000099601805923453   BIC-code: NDEASESS

You can also pay through PayPal to: info@skolbarnafrika.se


Please note that all money goes directly to the work in South Africa without any administrative costs.


100 SEK given will become 100 SEK sent and received!






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Chairman of the Board :

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Chartered Accountant:

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